Top Ten Doberman Health Problems You Shouldn't Miss!

Published: 25th March 2011
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You must never ignore the Doberman health problems. There can possibly be more problems underlying it. Learn the top ten health problems that your Doberman may suffer from in this article.

Doberman health problems are commonly overlooked by some dog owners. Never do they know that some of the causes for their Doberman dog's undesirable behaviors have stemmed from the health issues of their very own lovely pet unless they let them see a veterinarian on a regular basis.

Over the past few years, animal doctors have diagnosed and found out these common health problems among Doberman dogs. Most of the diseases enumerated herein are common yet affect drastically the health of Doberman dogs.

The following top ten Doberman health problems are listed below:

Doberman Health Problem One: Von Willebrand's disease. This is the most common disease that can be found among Dobermans. Experts say that this is a genetically acquired disease which can cause the life of your dog. It is a condition where there is an abnormality in the blood clotting system.

Dobermans suffering from this disorder will experience excessive bleeding which can be treated with blood transfusion. So, you should be careful with whelping and docking with your Doberman.

You must take extra care that they must not be injured as little wounds might cause them death. A wise prevention also is that before you take a Doberman home, always screen him with certain diseases. It is important that you go to reliable dog breeders before taking a Doberman. A thorough selective breeding works best in preventing such ailment.

Doberman Health Problem Two: Hypothyroidism. The abnormality on the functions of thyroid gland among humans are also the same in this type of disease in Dobermans. This causes the abnormal metabolism of your dog.

Some symptoms include weight loss, anemia, skin and coat issues, obesity, weak joints, slow heart beat and depression.

Doberman Health Problem Three: Bone Cancer. Another health problem that is commonly present in Dobermans is the so called "Cancer of the bones" which can be detected by the lumps that are unusually developed on healthy Doberman dogs.

Doberman Health Problem Four: Prostate and Mammary Cancer. In connection with the cancer issues among Dobermans, they are also prone to Prostate cancer among the male dogs while Breast cancer among the females. The same chemotherapy procedure is done to treat Dobermans with this disease.

Doberman Health Problem Five: Wobbler Syndrome. This is common to Dobermans that are very active and love to run. Although exercise is necessary for them, take note that they are prone to injury in the spinal cord that affects their legs. This causes them to stand incorrectly and have a swaying leg when walking.

Doberman Health Problem Six: Dilated Cardiomyopathy. This is among the most fatal diseases a Doberman can manifest. Usually, there are no signs that can warn the owners that their dogs have this disorder.

Furthermore, as Doberman matures, they are prone to heart muscle failures that may cause them to collapse suddenly or have difficulty in breathing.

Doberman Health Problem Seven: Hip dysplasia. It is also an inherited disease where a Doberman can suffer from a mild to worse malformation of the hip joint. A hip joint surgery can save your Doberman from this disease.

Doberman Health Problem Eight: Progressive retinal atrophy. This is another inherited disease wherein a Doberman can suffer a progressive eye blurriness for months or years and so on until they get blind. This disease can occur at an early age.

Doberman Health Problem Nine: Albinism. This is a disease among Dobermans wherein an abnormal skin or coat color (white) occur of which not usual for this breed. Doberman albinos are barred from the breeding society in US.

Doberman health problem Ten: Bloating. This is one of the most fatal health problems your Doberman can get. They suffer from swelling of the stomach either from gas or water that causes their stomach to twist. There is no exact reason that can identify why bloating happens, but it usually occurs when they eat a large amount of dry foods and excessive drinking of water after eating.

These are the most common Doberman health problems to look for in your pets. Your dogs are your treasures, so ensure their health and safety at all times


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