Six Most Common Reasons Why Dogs Eat Poop

Published: 23rd February 2011
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There are many reasons why dogs eat poop. Despite that this can be very disgusting, many German shepherd owners, in fact, encounter this problem. This kind of behavior is not to be accepted because poops carry many harmful bacteria, the Escherichia coli. These are threats to the animal's life and can be passed to the people through saliva.

Before we look at the reasons why dogs eat poop, let us first find out how these canines acquire this behavior.

The ingestion of feces that is neither accidental nor incidental is called Coprophagia. This is a very dangerous one since this may develop as a habit not jus among German shepherd dogs but to other dog breeds as well. There are many other eating problems that German shepherd dogs may acquire such as pica and anorexia.

However, let us focus on why dogs eat poop. Below are the six primary reasons behind the disturbing behavior along with the solutions to stop it.

First reason: Hunger and poor nutrition. This is the most common reason why dogs eat poop. If your German shepherd puppy is hungry and he finds nothing to eat, he might have no choice but to eat poop to fill out his tummy.

Therefore, it is necessary to feed your German shepherd dog regularly with all-natural, healthy foods. It is best to ask the veterinarian regarding the right kind of food for him.

Second reason: To entertain themselves. German shepherd dogs easily get bored. They tend to search for something to do from time to time and this is why dogs eat poop. Sometimes, when they are left alone in the house, this can be a source of entertainment for them.

For this reason, you have to be sure that the breeder whom you purchased the German shepherd puppy took the utmost care of him so that he will not develop bad habits later on in his life.

Third reason: To tidy the area. Another cause why dogs eat poop is to clean up their own space. Once they find any dirt or feces in their area,they would tend to eat them to clean up the mess.

This is most common with German shepherd dogs that are confined in a crate or being chained. Therefore, owners must consider proper German shepherd crate training and teaching them how to behave well while with chains. Also, clean up his mess first before leaving him behind.

Fourth reason: German shepherd anxiety. Among the main reasons why dogs eat poop is because they feel nervous, anxious or upset. When they face any threat or when they notice you walking out from the house, these things may cause German shepherd anxiety.

It can result to stress and German shepherd will probably do odd things like ingesting poops. That is why you have to make sure that your German shepherd is away from any factor that could threaten him and train him to get acclimated with being left alone in your house.

In addition, spend quality time with your German shepherd puppy to prevent him from feeling neglected.

Fifth reason: To keep away from predators. Protection is one factor why dogs eat poop. The mother German shepherd dog eats the poop of her German shepherd puppies until they are old enough to come out of the den.

Poops are evidence for predators to locate the German shepherd puppies, so the mother German shepherd dog eats them to keep her young ones safe.

Sixth reason: To mimmick the owner's behavior. Yes, this is true. German shepherds can follow the actions of humans and this is one reason why dogs eat poop. If they see someone picking up their dirt, they might learn to do the same and this is called the allelomimetic behavior.

Your German shepherd observes what you are doing and will eventually adapt it in his own way. When he finds you picking up his poop and put it in a bag, he will tend to copy it by putting a poop in his mouth.

At the sight of your German shepherd dog doing this, immediately say "No" in a firm voice, and give him a chew toy or a tasty food, like pineapple, to divert his attention.

By now, you are already aware why dogs eat poop. If this has been a nightmare of yours for a long time, then, follow the above solutions and make frequent visits to the veterinarian.
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