German Shepherd Barking- Main Reasons And Solutions

Published: 25th February 2011
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The German shepherd barking madness is one of the most difficult problems to control. Despite the fact that German shepherds are known to be sturdy and affectionate to their human families, German shepherd aggression can give raisers a hard time when there is lack of appropriate German shepherd training.

German shepherd barking excessively can be very annoying and may be very hard to control. Do not worry too much. There are, in fact, a number of solutions to this, and this is what we are going to tackle as we go on with this article. But first, we must look at the causes behind the German shepherd bark.

Two reasons why German shepherd barking occurs:

German shepherd anxiety
Sometimes, it is hard to find out the root cause for German shepherd barking. Since this type of canine has a firm sense of companionship with their human family, German shepherd anxiety may develop.

German shepherds easily get bored and they often seek attention. They need to be with their masters, and once they find out that they are alone, they may experience German shepherd separation anxiety. So, if you seldom stay in your home, this may not be the right dog for you.

German shepherd aggression
German shepherds are extremely active and alert. Their jumpy attitude is a natural characteristic which can become excessive. Strange sounds, the sight of new people and animals, as well as too much excitement may precipitate the bark instinct.

In addition, shepherd dogs are bred to herd sheep. Due to their herding nature, they may look at German shepherd barking as an acceptable behavior by barking at the sight of dogs, cats and neighbors.

Now that you already know what the reasons are behind German shepherd barking, you may immediately proceed with alleviating the problem. However, this particular action is not all the time unacceptable. German shepherds, like the rest of the dogs, are born to bark and this is a form of communication for them.

Three solutions to stop German shepherd barking problems:
First solution: Be firm with commands. Verbal commands are often more effective than actions. While your German shepherd puppy is still young, allow him a few barks as you train him before you give him the "silence" command. This is a way for him to talk back to you.

You may also tell him "quiet" or "shhh" so he would stop German shepherd barking. Moreover, they may also respond well with motions such as thumbs up and a wag of a finger.

Second solution: German shepherd crate training is one effective tool in getting your Shepherd acclimated to being alone, but not for long stretches of time. If you are leaving or arriving and German shepherd barking occurs, then consider this as a German shepherd separation anxiety.

Provide a crate that is safe and comfortable for your German shepherd puppy. Try leaving him for five minutes, and then come back immediately. Repeat this two to three times a day and once he gets acclimated to it, you may start increasing the time increments until you can leave him alone safely in your house.

Third solution: German shepherd barking aggressively may be decreased if your Shepherd dog is socialized during puppyhood. As soon as he reaches his sixth week of life, his social skills may be practiced through allowing him some forms of interaction with human beings and canines as well.

Introducing him to a new environment will also help your German shepherd behave appropriately. However, you must be aware that proper German shepherd training will not totally eliminate German shepherd barking. Instead, it will just curtail to a certain level and at least, distinguish when the right time to bark is.

If you have attempted to try all these solutions and yet you failed, do not be dismayed. You need to have more patience since German shepherds do not think like humans do. Practice the methods all over again until you prefect them.

In the event that your German shepherd barking problems do not minimize after a long period of teaching, then, you must consider consulting dog professionals to help alleviate circumstances.

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